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30 hours

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About the Course

In this program, I will get to the core of what it takes to find good companies as we sit together to understand stock picking.

I have also been very fortunate to have been mentored by well accomplished individuals, most of who have saved me of alot of pain

by sharing some of their own learnings and lessons. I hope to share these lessons with you through the program aswell. I will not

promise an easy journey to you in this program because picking good stocks is not an easy task, even with tons of experience you

can still end up getting many calls wrong. What I can promise you is tons of support and assistance as you understand what it really

takes and a community once you learn, where we discuss companies and opportunities for a lifetime to come.

Your Instructor

Frankly, Equity Research though risky, is security to me and has been a game changer for me. You may not realise this today,
but knowing how to pick stocks can be one of your strongest support systems when the going gets tough.
Provided however that you do it right. For me personally, I have had most of my career in extremely risky environments.
Be it funds or startups and I have therefore had multiple career shifts and projects, rarely earning a fixed salary or income.
These career shifts in a normal situation would have been painful on my ability to spend and enjoy myself when needed but being
financially literate made these career shifts comfortable because the market became my support system.

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