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Our Story

A Message from The Narowit Powerhouse

Our affinity to Human Development as a thesis began back in 2020. We always believed human development to be a mission that intrinsically drove us but we never acted upon it. Maybe it was because we believed we lacked the experience required back then to drive some real meaningful impact.

However since then alot has changed. Alongside our careers in Finance, Tech and Education, we’ve worked on multiple projects with renowned social organisations to drive impact particularly amongst the Youth and so that’s where we intend to begin solving problems.

In Februrary of 2023 we decided to take this mission seriously. Having spoken to numerous youngsters of varied ages, career streams and walks of life, we were able to pick out a couple of gaps that existed. Gaps that would restrict growth for these individuals, some obvious while others not so obvious. We do intend to work on solving each of them one climb at a time.

While a few go on to be changemakers in the world - most feel lost, lonely, anxious and unworthy. Our firm belief is that everyone can be a changemaker once they find that one thing that helps them come alive. Steve Jobs wasn’t wrong when he said: “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle.” and it’s more relevant today than ever before. With increased automation at entry level jobs, the youth employment deficit is poised to increase and the road ahead isn’t going to get any easier, We can’t promise to solve this problem entirely given its complexity but we can promise to make it easier for you to deal with.

Our approach to all these problems will be human centric approaches with a great deal of empathy, kindness and a keen focus on holistic development of the individuals that approach us. Our ambition is not to become a unicorn with lakhs of consumers but instead, impacting a few people but impacting them deeply.

We have decided to go down very unconventional and unattractive routes for building this which have infact pushed the odds against us but we trust that you understand how important this mission is to us to have taken this step. The road less travelled has always made the difference.

If you believe this resonates deeply with you too, we’d love to work with you.

The Founders

Our Team

Our Mentors

We are grateful to our mentors for actively supporting this journey through their insights, feedback and valuable advice at every step of the way.

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