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Generalists in a specialized world

Leaving your mark wherever you go, taking the road less travelled.

The Narowit way of Life 

We are a social organization crossing the T's by focusing on holistic human development through peer to peer developmental programs. We focus on the parts that make us innovative at the workplace.

We believe the education system already focuses on specialization and depth through its levels of education. We want to focus on the supporting elements that make an individual an all rounder mentally, spiritually and intellectually. 


Learning was never supposed to be boring

Our methods of training are not like a regular coaching center. When we focus on teaching you something, we want you to have fun while we have fun too!! 


Finding peace in mentorship

It helps to sometimes just have someone to vent to, someone who can offer advice when we feel lost or offer support when we don’t manage to find it elsewhere. We understand, we’ve been there ourselves. This is precisely why we’ve capped the number of members that can join a group to a very small number while also restricting it to in person gatherings. It allows us the ability to work on each of you as individuals. No idea is too big for us and no person too small for us. 

We practice what we preach, quite literally

We want you to be immersed in the experience of actually doing what you learn while you’re learning and not just pick up surface-level lessons. We want you to be in a state of Flow as you explore the journey you’ve picked up, by working on projects together with us.

Bridging the gap between Educational Institutions and Industries

We believe it is important that Industries are a part of the education system. Our collaborations with Industries and Educational institutes help us constantly understand gaps on either end so that we can keep reiterating solutions.


We aren’t course providers, we are instructional designers

Our core strength is not just in delivering these programs but more so in designing them in a way that helps you grow individually too. Our Team works closely with you to understand on an individual level, what will make you come alive.

We don’t issue certificates, we issue Fingerprints.

It’s well established by now that certificates are a One Size Fits all. Where is the value in receiving something that everyone else has too? We want to instead ensure you have something more valuable to take home, something that’s you, a product of your craft, that’s unique to you - like your fingerprint.

How can I get started?

It all begins with an evaluation conversation.


Given our small group sizes, we don’t want you to join because your parents ask you to, we want you here because you genuinely want to! No amount of effort we put in can help you if you do not want it yourself first.

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